Quality Construction has built a reputation as one of Montana’s best commercial construction companies by delivering on our promise – to build quality buildings on time and on budget, right from the start. It’s as simple as that. But it’s not a simple process. Even the smallest project requires a professional team with the necessary knowledge, experience, and expertise to design, coordinate, build, and complete it successfully.

Whether the project is a multi-million dollar complex, building renovation, or custom addition, we have built them all.

Delivery Methods

  • General Contractor
  • Construction Management
  • Design/Build

Bids and Budget Development

Quality Construction has been awarded a wide variety of competitive and negotiated bids for both private companies and local, state, and federal government agencies. Our decades of experience and hundreds of successful projects, along with the latest software and our long-standing relationships with the region’s best suppliers and subcontractors, enable us to accurately estimate any type of project.

Value Analysis

Quality Construction implements a value analysis for every project no matter the size because there is more to a successful project than its completion. Our commitment is to deliver high quality at the best value.

We understand that building materials and construction methods not only impact the immediate budget but also affect the building’s ongoing operational and maintenance costs, as well as any future plans for expansion. That’s why from day one our project managers evaluate the intended use of the facility, projected costs, and our client’s goals in order to make the right recommendations for the proposed budget. And we continue this process throughout construction, as cost-saving and project-enhancing opportunities can arise at any time. This ensures the integrity of the facility and that every requirement is met – on budget.

Subcontractor Selection, Scheduling, and Sequencing

The selection of subcontractors is a critical part of the preconstruction process. With an extensive knowledge of the market and the cost of work, Quality Construction conducts a careful evaluation and competitive selection process to ensure that we have the strongest team available for every project.

Also during preconstruction, we develop a detailed master schedule that encompasses all required activities, and their sequence, for each phase in the project. Prior to construction, this schedule focuses on those activities that are relevant to our client, the construction manager, and the design team.

In the construction phase, Quality Construction works with our team of trade contractors to refine the details of the master schedule and incorporate them into their specific work plans, including their proposed manpower and resource allocations. This schedule then becomes our standard for tracking the status of the project and keeping all stakeholders on task. To ensure that its accuracy is kept up to the minute, our in-house project managers update the schedule themselves on a daily basis. This gives us the ability to react to anything that could interfere with the schedule and to analyze its impact.

Project Management/Coordination

Commercial construction projects are complex and require effective management and precise coordination to ensure that every task is completed on time, and every milestone is met according to the schedule. That’s why clear and efficient communication is vital throughout the entire process. 

During the preconstruction phase, Quality Construction works closely with our client and the architect to develop a well-coordinated plan for the project team that includes planning, budgeting, bid procurement, scheduling, and reporting.

During the construction phase, our project management and field supervision team engage in comprehensive coordination, monitoring all construction activities and working with the trade contractors every day to keep them on track. They also communicate with our client and architect to keep them up to date on the project’s progress.

Cost Management

Throughout the construction process, we closely monitor and provide regular updates on the financial status of the project, ensuring that it stays on budget. This includes cash flow projections, application for payment reviews and approvals, billing status updates, and stored materials reviews. We also manage any change orders that may arise, and provide final analysis and reporting to the client.

Quality Control

Quality control is integral to every part of the construction process. It keeps us on track to deliver a project that meets all requirements and fulfills our highest standards. That’s why we implement an extensive 5-part plan for each phase from planning to closeout.


The safety of our employees, management, and subcontractors is our highest priority for every job because people are our most valuable asset. We provide the necessary education and training to make sure we have the safest possible work environment. And we’re proud of our track record. Our president, Flint Olsen, sums it up this way:

“Safety will always be the top priority for all levels of management, supervision, and workers in the field. Safety will not be sacrificed for schedule, cost, or production.”

Commissioning and Project Turnover

At the completion of a project, we coordinate an orderly turnover of the facility from the trade contractors to the client. Every system is tested and verified according to a comprehensive plan. In the end, we deliver another quality project to a satisfied client.